In my last post I mentioned that I felt I should have majored in graphic design because I feel more capable at that, that I’m burned out in school, and what-not. Well, I’m still burned out and wondering why I did this to myself in the first place. I have lost sight of why I wanted to be a librarian to begin with. I get so bogged down in assignments and the day-to-day stuff of school and life that I forget what my end goal is: to serve others in a library setting.

I’m not completely better yet, but I’m getting there. Today I read a post by Stephen Abram, author of the blog Stephen’s Lighthouse ( His blog post was entitled “Curb Your Librarian Frustration in 8 Steps.” While I’m not a librarian yet, many of the things he mentioned are relevant to me and my present circumstances. As I was reading his post, I felt like he was speaking directly to me. I needed to hear every bit of what he said, both the encouragement and the constructive criticism. I needed all of it. Here is a little excerpt from his post:

It’s the start of a new month. Are you frustrated yet?  Is your job driving you crazy? Your boss? Your customers?  Are you thinking too much about quitting, retiring, vacationing, or abandoning your dreams?  Do you fantasize your hands around someone’s neck?

Now, before you fold your arms and stomp off into the sunset there is something you should know. This is normal. Every professional worth their salt and who has had an ounce of success has been there.   If you care, you get frustrated . . . and sometimes angry, demotivated or sad.  Worry when you’re at the point of “whatevah.”  Whenever you experience one of those moments (or weeks, months, etc.) you have to spend some time considering your choices and reconnecting to your passion.  Passion drives most of us – it’s what makes librarians put up with the pay! 😉 Luckily for the world, most of us choose to keep going and making a difference.

And you should too.  If no one has told you lately . . . you matter.  Librarians matter.  Information matters.

So, before you throw in the towel, or just wallow in the blues and self pity, let’s think about how to curb some of that frustration a bit so you can get back to striving for success, innovation, great client interactions, fame and fortune (well maybe not the fortune… tongue firmly in cheek).  Let’s move on and make a difference in the world.

This excerpt is mostly the encouragement part of Stephen’s post. He goes on to list the eight steps mentioned. Number 1 is: Stop Whining. That is one dose of reality I needed. Whining is not helping things in any way, nor is it making them better. Thanks for the reality check, Stephen!

Number 2 on the list is Find Your Purpose. I think that’s where I am currently. I need to find (or rediscover) my purpose and passion, my whole reason for putting myself through this in the first place. Number 3 is Change Your Focus. Maybe I need to place my focus elsewhere, not on my schoolwork or the dull, inane assignments that seem to have no purpose or value whatsoever. I need to place my focus on 1.) God, and 2.) God’s purpose for my life. I truly feel like I am supposed to be a librarian, to serve others through the library. I’m on the right path, I have just lost sight of what I should be focusing on and what should be the most important thing. It’s almost as if, buried beneath my course load, there’s a light at the top, beckoning me to a higher calling. I just have to work through all the things that lie between me and that light before I can get there.