I realize it’s been over a year since I have posted. Wow! A lot has happened in that time. I finished up my last year with Library Management, Information: The Library & Society, and my Master’s Project. The Master’s Project was probably the most intense work I have done. My research project was entitled “Web 2.0 in Alabama Public Libraries: A Content Analysis”. For this project, I examined the Web sites of all public libraries in Alabama, specifically looking for signs of Web 2.0 applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Next, I looked at each Web 2.0 application for each library to determine how they were being used. It was a very interesting project, and I got some great feedback from my professor and second reader. I am thinking about publishing it. If I decide to do that, I’ll probably start with SLIS Connecting,¬†the journal for the School of Library and Information Science at USM. I spoke with one of my professors when I was at graduation, and she strongly¬†encouraged it.

I went to Hattiesburg for the graduation ceremony on May 9, and I got to meet all of my professors. It was wonderful to finally meet all of them. I also got to meet a few of my fellow classmates. I was actually sitting with a couple of them during the ceremony, which was good because I wasn’t as nervous. Dr. Griffis was really glad to meet me, and I had a great time talking to Dr. Welsh and Dr. Creel. They are all amazing people, and I am grateful to have had such wonderful professors to learn from.

Since graduation, I’ve been taking it easy for the most part. I’m working part time at the Greenville Library, but still looking for something full time. My friend and fellow librarian Andrea has been helping me improve my resume. This week, I’m filling in for her at Judson while she is at a librarian conference. At first I was really nervous about the whole thing, but it is going to be great. Today was my first day, and I enjoyed it so much. There are some alumnae from the Huntsville chapter here trying to identify photos from the archives. So I tended to them and made sure they had everything they needed. I also started working on one of the tasks that Andrea gave me, which was to find videos for the nursing department. So I started looking at other universities’ Nursing LibGuides to see if they provided any videos. I came up with several possibilities, both paid and free. I am going to meet with the Director of Nursing on Thursday to discuss what I found with her, and also to find out more about what she is looking for specifically. I am incredibly proud about the work I got done today, and I am looking forward to tomorrow!