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So, as I said in my last post, I started a new job the first of November at the Jackson County Public Library in Marianna, FL. I am absolutely loving it!! There have been some differences that I’ve had to get used to, but it is a wonderful job. In December, I initiated the Elf on the Shelf in the library. We purchased the Elf on the Shelf doll and book and I hid her in different spots in the library throughout the month of December. The children had fun searching for the elf each day. When they found her, they got a candy can, an activity bookmark, and a small box of crayons. I found LOTS of ideas for this on Pinterest. It seems Elf on the Shelf is being used in classrooms too. Here are pictures of our elf in some of my favorite poses.

elf on the shelf

Our elf went zip lining! This was so much fun to do. Most people just walked right under the zip line looking for the elf. It was so funny!


I found a printable Elf Rocket online somewhere, and I thought it was such a cute idea. I decided to pose our elf next to the globe in the children’s area and the movie “Up”.

elf on tree

Two days before Christmas, i decided it would be cute to put the elf in the Christmas tree!

After Christmas, we had a Frozen party for children age 12 and under, both in Marianna and at the Graceville branch. It was a huge success! We showed the movie, had a “Feed Sven” beanbag toss game, and a “Pin the Nose on Olaf” game. We also had crafts for the children to make: Anna and Elsa cutout crowns, snowflakes made out of pipe cleaners and beads, and icicles made out of sparkly silver pipe cleaners and beads. We also gave them cookies and a drink for refreshments and had coloring pages and paper dolls for them to take home. It was so much fun! We had about 25 children at the party in Marianna, and about 15 in Graceville. I was completely shocked about the turnout at Graceville. I had worried that there were only going to be a few children. They all had a wonderful time watching the movie and playing games. 20150105_133701 20150105_133737 20150105_133811 20150105_133922 20150105_133944 20150105_134940 20150105_171359 20150105_171409

This is the poster I created for the Frozen party. I was very proud of it!

This is the poster I created for the Frozen party. I was very proud of it!

Now we are planning an event for African American History Month. We are hosting an event on Feb. 15 that focuses on T. Thomas Fortune, a man who was born in Marianna and became a successful newspaperman. We are hopefully going to have some artwork by an African American lady from Campbellton displayed as well. I think it is going to be great!

On Feb. 26, the library board is having the 7th annual Classic Southern Desserts fundraiser. I am the liaison for that event, so I have been working hard this past week developing flyers for the event as well as trying to get donations from local businesses. That’s all for now, but I’m sure I’ll have more to post soon!


New Job!

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Time has gone by so quickly it seems. I can’t believe it’s been five months since I graduated with my MLIS! And here I am, about to start a new job. A couple of months ago, I applied for an Assistant Library Director position at the Jackson County Public Library in Marianna, Florida. In July, I had a phone interview with the director there and some other people in the county. I felt like it went pretty well, but there were times when I doubted myself, thought maybe I had screwed it up, or didn’t have all the knowledge or experience I needed. Sometime after the phone interview, I got a letter that said they had decided to repost the position, but my application was on file, so I didn’t need to reapply. Several weeks went by, so I just assumed they had hired someone else. But a couple of weeks ago, I got an email from the director asking if I was still interested in the position. Of course, I said yes. They called me in for a personal interview on September 30. I met with Deborah (the director), two ladies that work for the county, and another lady that works in the library. It was a really good interview! Pam, one of the ladies that works for the county, told me I was her first choice from the beginning. Deborah told me that as well. Before we left Marianna, Mom, Dad, and I looked around for apartments or houses to rent and went by the library to check it out. Deborah told me then that she had already put in a request to hire me, and that it could take a few weeks to get everything approved by the County Commission and all. So, I certainly didn’t expect to get an email the following week asking me to come down to be fingerprinted and do a drug screening. We went down this past Thursday (Oct. 9) to do that. When I went in to be fingerprinted at the sheriff’s office, Dad asked the deputy, Lt. Hinson, if he knew of any houses or apartments for rent. He said he thought so, and would make a call while I was there. He called a friend of his, Nola, who is just moving out of an upstairs apartment on Green Street- the same street as the library! I got to talk to Nola about the place and the community. She gave me the number of the landlord, and we called and scheduled a viewing. We me Donna, the landlord, at 12 to see the apartment, and it was perfect! Donna’s father-in-law, David, owns the house and lives downstairs. He is 82 and walks 3 miles every day. They call him the mayor of Green Street. The apartment is two bedroom, one bath and has a very nice living room area, laundry room, and kitchen. We paid the deposit that day. It is certainly an answered prayer. I needed something close to the library so I can walk to work. Donna said it was a blessing for them too, because they wanted someone who would take care of it and be a good tenant. When we got there, Nola was getting some more of her things out, so I got to meet her. She has bought a house right across the street, and she said if I ever need anything to let her know. She said she would be happy to drive me anywhere I need to go.

On Thursday, when I went by the HR office to turn in my fingerprint paperwork, Elena, the HR person, told me she could be ready to hire as soon as the next day. I told her I needed time to get everything settled, so we decided on November 3 for a start date. I will move all my stuff into the apartment on Oct. 25, a Saturday, then work in Greenville the next Monday and Tuesday for Harry Potter Day, and come back to Marianna to stay on Wednesday the 29th. I can’t believe how quickly things are moving! We have a lot to do, lots of stuff to get, but I am so excited about this opportunity!